Tasmania #11 – Mona #3

As I mentioned in my previous post there were sculptures around the entrance. One impressive one is the Dump truck on a trailer, made from a lattice of rusty steel and t has a Gothic/Steam Punk styling to it..

There are many snaps of this on the web so I thought I’d make some artistic images from the amazing textures and patterns that are found when you take a closer look.


Hope you Like and Enjoy.


Tasmania #10 – Mona #2

Around Mona there are sculptures that predominate peoples attention. While waiting for a friend who was joining me to visit the exhibit I noticed the interesting plant life that grew in the gardens nearby.

Small vibrant succulent type growths that acted like a ground cover. This image didn’t really fit into any sequence so it gets it’s own post.

See if you can find the tiny insect.

Tasmania #9 – Mona #1

During My time in Hobart I took a very windy trip to the art gallery – Mona. I was almost blown off the upper foredeck while enjoying the scenery. My baggy ski jacket acted like a wind sock and I literally slid across the deck on a particularly strong gust.

Luckily when the MR-1 Cat passed the biggest employer in Hobart, the Nyrstar zinc smelter,  there was reprieve in the wind and I got some nice industrial images. I have processed them to give them a retro feel in black and white. It’s a grubby, rusty looking place in colour and the B&W processing really cleans it up that emphasises the complexity of the construction of the facility.


Tasmania #8 – Aurora Australis

The Aurora Australis

This ship is a P&O Icebreaker that Australia uses to access the Antarctic Region.

The colour is a vibrant Orange that would be a great advantage in the blizzards in Antarctica and a welcome site to the bases when she come in to view.

Not particularly large but impressive when you see her in the full sun against a blue sky.

Enjoy the Weekend

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Tasmania #7 – Hobart Marina

Sorry for the wait on this collection. but here it is.

The waterfront in Hobart is fantastic. There are a collection of yachts, ferries, The Aurora Australis, longboats and a great number of cafes, and restaurants in the area. and on Saturday there is the Salamanca Market stalls. So much can be overwhelming with information for the senses, and you can miss the detail.

Hopefully in this little collection I can illustrate what I mean.

Post Box Bees- a hive of activity

Hi Guys

Had a visit from some chilly bees who decided to Hive up / gather above my Post Box today.  Not a huge group but fascinating all the same.

Would love the girls to hand around and “Ensure” the damn junk mail delivery mutants stay away!!!!


For those wondering about the final series from Tasmania – being finalised soon.

Sorry for the wait.


Collegians-X 2017 Final

Hi guys,

Popped down to watch and shoot the old clubs hockey final. Here’s a gallery of some of the highlights, fans, incidents and action.

Click on the first image for the gallery.