Sunset Phillip Island

At the Penguin Parade yesterday I snapped this pick.

iPhone SE so not the best quality


Random Wednesday #7 Blue Moon Red Moon

A bit late since the topic was “tonight”

Blue Moon Red Moon

Here’s some pics of the Luna eclipse from Melbourne, Australia.

Originally went out to a lake view of the city hoping for a combo view of the moon and cityscape. – Fail.

Moon too far east and too late for the eclipse. BUT, got some interesting shots. Here a collection.

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After returning home I got the shots I wanted.

Blue Moon as the Eclipse occurs

The “Blood Moon”


Random Wednesday #6

Hi guys,

Sorry for the delay, Christmas and New Year got in the way.

Back again this week with another random Wednesday post

2 images this time, taken on the same beach in different locations.

Small Dune

Mesmerising mini wave dunes

Random Wednesday #5

An Inspiration for me

A long time ago I encountered a variety of compelling¬† and exciting images in galleries. Salvador Dali at the Tate in London was one artist, MC Esher another, but as far as photography there was Jerry Uelsman. A pioneer in the photography world who developed the crassly labelled “photo montage” style, done completely in the darkroom using multiple negatives to produce a single print.


Photographs in the 30’s were considered unfalsifiable until¬†Uelsman became publicly popular, shattering the forensic infallibility of photos. To learn more click on the image below.

Random Wednesday #3

This is a repost of a random image – still rings true.

Jeff Bridges is a Legend

If you thought your selfies were cool , Well Take a look at this guy, A legend in the movies has been doing it since before many of you were born


Suck It Up.


Cool is earned over a long time

You can NOT beat the Big Lebowski