Random Wednesday #3

This is a repost of a random image – still rings true.

Jeff Bridges is a Legend

If you thought your selfies were cool , Well Take a look at this guy, A legend in the movies has been doing it since before many of you were born


Suck It Up.


Cool is earned over a long time

You can NOT beat the Big Lebowski



New Shop

Hi Folks,

I’ve just launched a Red Bubble on line shop for items with my art on them.

The First product is LUNA SPHERE1 a great stylised image of luna park for small gifts and casual apparel. Purchasing now should have them delivered before Christmas.

Click  link below

REd Bubble Shop

Fine Art images will be available on request or through the Etsy shop site yet to be launched.


Any suggestion re. OL sales and items that might be of interest – please comment below.

Random Wednesday – a new idea

Hi guys,

I’ve decide to run a random post segment on Wednesdays. Topics will obviously be related to Photography and Art, but that’s it. So,¬† they could range from technical to the ridiculous.

They could be my creations or sharing interesting discoveries on the web, reposting an archived post, or things seen out and about, pinned etc.

Please comment etc.. and let me know what you think.

Starting off. – Blurry Back Ground and Sharp Subject

A friend once asked about how to get the soft blurry backgrounds in pictures without using apps or software.

This effect is know as “shallow depth of field”. Click on the image to go the creators website, which is great for those wanting more.

There are several lens settings that affect/create this effect.( Think I got my grammar right ??)

  1. Aperture Size
  2. Lens focal length.
  3. Distance from Subject

All other camera adjustments affect exposure to suit your vision.

See you next Wednesday.


Sometimes -You get lucky with the light

As the title suggests, sometimes you get lucky with the light.

The day had bee crystal clear and “bright”, however in this location this time there was good measure of haze, either sea, humidity or dust.

As the light dropped and the predicted stormy weather rolled in from the north this amazing soft ethereal light emerged.

Enjoy, comment, share, like etc….



Tasmania #11 – Mona #3

As I mentioned in my previous post there were sculptures around the entrance. One impressive one is the Dump truck on a trailer, made from a lattice of rusty steel and t has a Gothic/Steam Punk styling to it..

There are many snaps of this on the web so I thought I’d make some artistic images from the amazing textures and patterns that are found when you take a closer look.


Hope you Like and Enjoy.