Tasmania # 1

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Here’s a single image to give you an idea of the weather.

Windy, Boat tossing and this image represents the vast majority of the captures. The Pennicott Boats are brilliant at stability however conditions in the Southern Ocean are rarely favourable.

The Image below is a teaser for the second part of the trip an explore around Port Arthur historic site.

Enjoy – More awesome seascapes, seals, albatross, architecture, and art to come.

Trip to Tasmania teaser


For the guys on Facebook you will already know I’ve been in Tasmania. Hobart to be specific. Long Story – Short I took a short day tour to the Tasman Islands.

Tough conditions. Winter in Tassie is cold and REALLY REALLY Windy. Luckily we only had 30 knot winds to deal with !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thankfully from a favourable direction.

Anyway rocking around in a boat, winds and Bright Sunlight made for some challenging photography conditions. Here’s a teaser for the series to come over the next few days or so.

ENJOY – Click on pic for full screen.

As you can see – AMAZING. Towering 300m+ above.

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Autumn Colour and Bokeh

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The changing season at this time of the year bring lovely warm and colourful foliage and light to the streets. Blues seem more vibrant against the orange,red and amber leaf colouration. there is plenty of that in my neighbourhood.

I was inspired by a wall of reddening Ivy with pink and purple hues and set off to shoot it.

I thought it would make a nice portrait background and shot it as fir a subject was in the foreground with the idea that I would get some nice bokeh. The result was to look for more images that would lend to nice bokeh.

Here is the original wall I spotted. If you click on it you will go to a gallery of the  rest of the day.

These would make spectacular wall décor, giving a nice warm, calming, feeling to a room, office or foyer. Done in a large format they will be a very impressive addition.

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African Dog Watching the Blind Zebra

Back on the Composite imagery course. Here’s one I’ve been working on. I call it “African Dog watching the Blind Zebra”. The Beast is actually old and blind in one eye, you can imagine the Wild Dog thinking “move on old timer, you’ve earned your rest.All elements were photographed by myself and cobbled together using a variety of techniques.

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Sailing In Port Phillip

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I took my boat out fishing, but it was  bit slow as the wind was up and the bay was quite choppy, so no brag reports (2 in the bag only, tasty Thai style curry – yum).

I did take my camera out which was a boon. I ended up drifting through a yacht race in the afternoon as the sun set over Melbourne. Over an hour or so I captured a collection of images of the yachts coming and going with the city skyline and the great expanse of Port Phillip as back drops.

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