Derelict Car

Driving down a mountain road to make some images of mountain streams and do a spot of fishing for some late season trout I came across an interesting scene.


This was discovered:……………………….


A burnt out wreck with police scene tape. It was getting pretty cold after wading around chasing fish over the previous 4 hours, so I gave myself a 15 minute challenge to capture some compelling images of what was probably a frightening incident (or a lot of fun for some bogan elements).

It was quite amazing to see how the fire had affected the paint and rust has created a patina on the components and, of course, the colourful tagging done by said bogan elements. Special mention of the interesting “pock marks” on the rear left panel.

Click on the image to go to the gallery of artistic creations generated over a 15 minute period.

Don’t forget to like, share, comment. – Enjoy.

ps: 2 rainbow trout for those curious re: the fishing success.



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