Blast from the past

Found some old negatives – yup, old school tech.

They are from when I disappeared for a few years. In those days you really were remote from friends and family since FB was not available and the internet did not exist in a massive way for the general masses. Phone calls and post cards only – lol how did I survive.

Anyhoo – this is a photo blog so here is the method and one of the images I extracted to create a piece of my past.



Piece of glass, sticky tape negative and light source – ghetto neg scanner – crude but OK for contract sheets.

Web Prepared

Quadrilogy of Love on a Beach in Nice, France circa 92 – Girl in blue liked me, I liked Bernice the girl in white, She liked Murray, the Guy in green, he liked Sue in Blue

Story goes, Murry, Sue and myself though we’d go to Portugal for a surf. “B” claimed she had a contact at a travel agency to get cheap flights to Lisbon. 2 days before departure she tell us that we’re off to France  – Nice Int AP the destination!!! Tix paid for –  Well not the most pleasant flight.

However a great trip – Monte Carlo, GPX tour, Juan Le Pin, Antibes, Cap d’Ail, A mad, one armed hostel patron, and the Nice Mardigras.

More to come as I scan them.


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