Dragons Update


I took my new Sigma 500mm zoom out for a run to see how it performed hand held in the wild. Not Bad. I’d married it with a Canon 7D – well known for speed of performance (not low light tho). I found some Dragons and a Black Rock skink. Small critters a difficult to approach – they scoot of pretty quickly. The 500mm allowed a shot from further away. But, fast shutter speeds are needed for hand held, and the compromise is wide apertures. This in turn leads to a very shallow depth of focus. Close up I needed f/11 or 14 to be sharp across these lizards. Fix is hi ISO setting, but this leads to noisy images (especially with the 7D). Rocks are textured, Lizards are scaly so not a bad outcome.

See what you think.

The pic will take you to the gallery. The first 2 in the gallery are from another shoot.



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