Driving Blurr

Hey everybody,

I took a surf trip down to the West coast (Vic) with a mate Nick, and my bro. A great little session, the first waves for quite a number of months. After the cold waters of Bass Strait and beer at Anglesea we headed home in the twilight. I began to vague out on the way back since I was pretty wrecked from paddling and the world began to blur as it shot by through the window. Staring out into nothing I noticed how the light and landscape was affected by the speed of the car, the road and my tired brain. Then it woke up (my brain) – why not try an capture the feeling of drifting off and watching the world blur by like you did as a kid or hazed after a few (in a cab of course).

Here’s a taster – click on the image to see the gallery on Flickr. Feel free to comment on FBook, Tweet etc..



Driving Blurr-7


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