Grampians – A Magical place

JRP_2015_Grampians-203-WEBEdit JRP_2015_Grampians-WEB-212

The Grampians rise more than 1000 metres above the basalt plains in the west of Victoria, and are the western extremity of the Great Dividing Range.

It has taken 400 million years to produce the spectacular and mysterious scenery that we see today. The area was once great inland sea. Thick sedimentary layers interspersed with layers of siltstone and mudstone, were laid down. Later earth movements caused lifting and folding and the weathering process began. Softer areas eroded faster and created dramatic formations.

Aboriginal people have had a long association with the Grampians and have been living in the area for more than 5,000 years. The numerous local clans have left evidence of their lives in the region. The Grampians contains about 80% of the known Aboriginal rock art sites in Victoria (excerpt from


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